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• Raids Bosses

• Unique bloodmoney system that feels natural yet exciting, but rewards the player with top tier gear. Such as all spirit shields, dragon claws, ballista and much more

• Plenty of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to: Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, (Nieve/s) Stronghold Slayer Cave and more

• All of the Wilderness bosses

• Fully functional skills using Oldschool content such as Rooftop Agility courses

• Very easy to understand and navigatable teleport interface

• Diaries for over 10 cities to complete with rewards exactly like osrs

• Skilling system that feels very osrs like, avoiding a private server like feeling

• Very handy drop table interface

• Professional and motivated staff team

• Shift-drop and osrs bank system including place holders

• Amazing fps rate and full screen 

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