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Welcome to Omega-X


Also visit us on our website:


What to look forward to?

Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide our players with quality updates that the community has suggested.

We have a very friendly and helpful staff team that are dedicated to helping and assisting you, they/re always there to assist you in any way possible.



Why choose us?

ImmortalX plans to be around for years, a lot of people want to join a server knowing that the server isn/t just going to close in a week.

Who who wants to dedicate time to a server that/s going to be down shortly?

We plan on being around for years, we have a dedicated team that want this server to thrive, this server isn/t going anywhere anytime soon.



We have a custom PVM Ranking system, your rank will go up automatically upon reaching a certain amount of npc kills, each rank has perks!



We have a very friendly and experienced community, if you/re a new player, don/t hesitate to ask any questions!



Most custom servers shy away from the Range/Mage aspect, and focus mainly on Melee.

Range/Mage is very viable on ImmortalX, plenty of players prefer the Mage/Range route.



- All 25 Skills

- Auction House

- Friendly Community

- Ironman/Ultimate Ironman Gamemode

- Well Of Goodwill

- 100 + Achievements

- Amazing Donator Benefits

- Custom PVM Ranking System

- Lag Free 24/7 Hosted

- 100% Clan System

- NPC Drop Tables

- Custom Clue Scrolls

- Auto Vote/Donate

- Custom Items

- Custom Bosses

- Custom NPCS/s

- Custom Pets

- Shooting Star/Evil Tree

- Custom Minigames

- Hiscores

- Active Forums

- Dedicated Staff/Development Team

- Vote For Donator Points

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